By Ian Gawler OAM – Author of Meditation — An In-depth Guide and The Mind that Changes Everything

Part 1: Mindfulness: What is it and can it help?

Chapter 1: Introduction to mindfulness

Chapter 2: Foundations of mindfulness

Chapter 3: The practical application of mindfulness

Chapter 4: The science of mindfulness

Part 2: Medical and pre-medical conditions that mindfulness can help with, and how

Chapter 5: Mindfulness as a clinical treatment and prevention

Chapter 6: Stress and ageing

Chapter 7: Anxiety

Chapter 8: Depression

Chapter 9: Addiction

Chapter 10: Attention Deficit Disorders

Chapter 11: Pain

Chapter 12: Weight management and eating disorders

Chapter 13: Heart disease and stroke

Chapter 14: Cancer

Chapter 15: Dementia

Chapter 16: Sleep

Part 3: Mindfulness and personal development

Chapter 17: Lifestyle enhancement

Chapter 18: Education and academic performance

Chapter 19: Workplace performance and leadership

Chapter 20: Sporting performance

Chapter 21: Emotional Intelligence

Chapter 22: Mindful parenting

Part 4: Mindfulness and spiritual development

Chapter 23: Mindfulness and self-actualisation

Chapter 24: Mindfulness and happiness

Chapter 25: Mindfulness and enlightenment